Good Job

You just showcased your skills. You just proved your skills leadership, management and sales. Just as important as documenting your work is sharing it with the world. Take pride in what you've accomplished, share with friends, family, and potential employers.

good job
Whether or not we feel appreciated has a significant impact on how we show up every day. When we feel seen or acknowledged by those around us, we’re more likely to pay it forward and express appreciation for other people in our lives.

This week, we’d love for you to write about a time you felt seen or appreciated for your strengths.

Some thought starters to consider

  1. Have you recently felt appreciated and celebrated at work? Who was it that made you feel valued, and how did it affect your drive and your productivity?
  2. Did someone notice your hard work when you thought it wasn’t being recognized? How did it feel to have your efforts acknowledged?
  3. Was there a friend or loved one who asked you for advice during a tough time? How did it feel that they sought you out specifically?
  4. Is there a person in your life who goes out of their way to express their appreciation for you? How have their actions impacted your own? Have you paid it forward? Or made more of an effort to express gratitude for others?

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